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Stickers you don't get stuck with!

Car Floats are a new technology in stickers or decals. Neither vinyl, paper or magnet, they are made of a woven fabric with a special adhesive that makes them easy on and off, restickable, and reusable up to 100+ times.

That means your art can be put on your car for a while, then taken off and saved when you’re done. This makes them perfect for holiday or event based decorations, like Halloween, Christmas, tailgating, birthday parties, weddings, and more. 

You can save your Car Floats on the liners they come with (or on something like coroplast) and with care you can use your Car Float artwork again and again, year after year. Collect Car Floats for every holiday season!

While Car Floats are highly durable and will last a good long time as they are, if you're interested in permanent decals that are not reusable, you might want to contact us for custom vinyl decals.

And yes, you can put also use them on walls, doors, lockers, and other surfaces that are clean and not fuzzy/linty/dusty.

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