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Volkswagon van with Coveralls decals on it on beach.

The Powered by Flowers Collection glories in 70s style hippie-ness

Drive Artfully

Because adventurous souls need adventurous rides. CoverAlls are durable enough to last at least a couple of years outdoors and much longer inside.

“Dear Wall,


Designed to be used over and over, CoverAlls won't leave a gummy slobbery residue on your wall, window or car like messy stickers.

tiger decal overlayed on modern room with alligator decal on wall.

Explore Your Wild Side

Flora and fauna you don't have to water or feed.

Holiday Charm In An Instant

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  • Greg

    "I had no idea this would be so perfect. It is great quality. I originally purchased a magnetic version for my jeep only to find that the hood is not made of steel and the magnet would not stick. This was described as a fabric and my expectations were low but I was blown away when it arrived. Easy to remove but holds fixed in place on the hood. Great product!"

  • Angela King

    "I love the clever, inventive car decor that Car Floats has created. It’s easy and versatile and can go on and off the car with little effort... it’s a great way to add a little sparkle to my ride and lift the spirits of any one who sees me cruising around. I love how it brings a smile to people’s faces and a positive uplifting interaction with strangers… 

    I don’t how it took so long for someone to come up with the idea... car art (or jewelry)!!!"

  • Ava Dupre

    "I just have to say what an absolutely GENIUS idea this is:) So happy you followed your dream and kept at it until you found the right materials!! Your success story is so uplifting (as well as your designs) :))"

  • Jessie R

    "My boring black car now looks like a ladybug! Your Polka Dots are so much fun and really easy to put on."

  • Emily R

    "I firmly believe that no self-respecting thief would ever steal a car covered in flowers!"

  • Anne McQueen

    "Car Floats are the perfect addition to add another layer of the New Orleans’ festive and expressive spirit!"

  • Allison Raynor

    "I love my Car Floats! They make me smile each time I see my car.

    They were easy to apply. I will be buying more Floats for my next decorating phase!"

  • Liz S

    "Car Floats are gorgeous! What a great idea! I was thinking about getting a car wrap but I like this better. I can switch out my art whenever I want!"

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We were on TV!

We had a CoverAlls / Car Floats parade!

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Made in the US

From start to finish, Coveralls are made in the USA.

With Love

Coveralls is a small Mom-owned business from New Orleans, LA.

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