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We're on a quest to create a more colorful and smiling world.

Hello! I'm Elena

Despite appearances, I'm actually not the kind of person to put bumper stickers on my car. But I've always thought that modern cars looked boringly similar. So, inspired by my New Orleans background, I wondered: why not make our cars look like parade floats? I imagined them bursting with colors, fun, and beauty, embodying the joy of Mardi Gras. The essentials were clear: these decorations had to be easy to switch out, safe for the paint, and reusable—creativity without commitment. Thus, Cover-Alls was born.

It has felt great to build a community that values individuality and self expression. Every Cover-Alls car turns a regular drive into a mini celebration that gets smiles, waves and even honks and cheers, like your own parade. With Cover-Alls, we're not just driving; we're making a statement and connecting with others. It's amazing to watch more and more people rebel against boring cars, making every trip a way to show off who they are and connect with others.

A Day by the River

A bunch of crazy fun customers showed up one day in a park by the Mississippi River for a car parade to show off their decals!

Yes, they stick on walls & windows too.

Spring Flower Bouquet Decals - Cover-Alls Decals Palm Tree Arch Scene Decals - Cover-Alls Decals

Yes, they stick on walls & windows too.

Seasons & Holidays

Kid's Subscription Sticker Club

Stickeeze by Cover-Alls

Every month receive 5+ packs of fun stickers curated by age and theme that don't damage your walls or furniture. We print them on the same material we use for our regular decals.

Perfect gift for kids or yourself.

Love Letters

  • Heather E.

    I am OBSESSED with my rainbow racing stripes! They are great quality and were easy to cut and apply using the including squeegee tool. They look beautiful and give me a major dopamine vibe every time I see my truck. Plus I have gotten lots of sweet compliments on them already and I imagine they are spreading joy on the road as well!

  • Diana C.

    Colors & artistic real life look awesome on my Mini Cooper 🥰

  • Angela King

    It’s a great way to add a little sparkle to my ride and lift the spirits of any one who sees me cruising around. I love how it brings a smile to people’s faces and a positive uplifting interaction with strangers… 

    I don’t how it took so long for someone to come up with the idea... car art (or jewelry)!!!

  • Katherine H

    I just have to say what an absolutely GENIUS idea this is:) So happy you followed your dream and kept at it until you found the right materials!! Your success story is so uplifting (as well as your designs) :))

  • Jessie R

    My boring black car now looks like a ladybug! Your Polka Dots are so much fun and really easy to put on.

  • Emily R

    What thief would ever steal a car covered in flowers?

  • Claudia C.

    I am crazy about these decals. They're a great way to have a little fun decorating the car for whatever season or whim inspires me. With the upcoming solar eclipse, I wanted something to commemorate the event and show off a little. Elena worked with me, using photos of actual eclipses, to develop this series of decals. So cool! Off came the [previous] squid arm design, and on went the celestial decals. The decals themselves are easy to apply, remove, and if properly stored, be used again. I will buy more someday, when the inspiration hits me. As an added bonus, it's really easy to find my car in a parking lot.

  • Allison Raynor

    "I love my Cover-Alls! They make me smile each time I see my car.

    They were easy to apply. I will be buying more for my next decorating phase!"

  • Free Shipping

    Free Shipping on all US orders over $100.

  • 30 day Returns

    Return unused decals within 30 days for a full refund.

  • Made in the US

    Cover-Alls are made in the USA.

  • With Love

    Cover-Alls is a small Mom-owned business from New Orleans, LA.

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