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The Magic of CoverAlls

Introducing Cover-Alls: not your average decal, but a tiny bit of enchantment for just about anything you can think of - be it your car, your walls, or your trusty laptop. Why settle for plain walls or commit to a full car wrap when you can sprinkle some Cover-Alls magic instead?

Reusable Stickers? huh?

But here's the thing – they’re not just a one-and-done affair. Once you're ready to switch things up, simply peel them off and tuck them away for their next debut. Reusable stickers? Yes, they're real, and they're spectacular, born out of the wish to make the impermanent, permanent in its own right.

And why bring them back for another round? They're the ultimate accessory for any occasion worth celebrating. Whether you're jazzing up your ride for a grand entrance, turning your truck into the star of the tailgate party, or diving headfirst into holiday festivities, Cover-Alls are your go-to. Plus, they're as kind to your surfaces as they are to your aesthetic, peeling off without a trace. Try finding regular stickers that promise that!

Making it your own

Cover-Alls can be a way to find your car in the parking lot, but they could also be much more. They're an invitation to unleash some personality and creativity without the expense and permanence of paint or wallpaper. You can layer, collage, craft and cobble your masterpiece on whatever backdrop you choose. From murals to photo ops, from bespoke car designs to unique wall art, these decals are the muse for your imagination.

And perhaps their most enchanting trait?

The way they turn the everyday into a parade of joy and color. In a world that could always use more reasons to smile, CoverAlls offer a simple yet profound way to brighten up the daily drive, making it a journey of possibilities. It might seem trivial, but in the grand scheme of things, spreading a little happiness is no small feat.

General FAQ

CoverAlls designs are printed on a high quality polyester fabric with a woven texture like canvas. It's significatly different from other decals you might see in vinyl. The fabric has an adhesive that is extraordinarily reusable.

Many types of vinyl decals for cars are “removable” with a bit of elbow grease and a hair dryer. But CoverAlls are not merely removable, they can also be reusable. With care, you can get maybe a hundred reuses out of the decals.

Essentially, you can put your decals on, then take them off a month later. You can switch them out for others. Decorations can go on any part of your car or wall and you can rotate them out by season.

The enemy of reusability is dust, dirt or grime, so cleaning & drying the surface before applying the decals is key.

Our standard adhesive strikes the perfect balance of durability and reusability for most applications. However, for more demanding settings such as busy indoor or outdoor environments or on textured surfaces like walls, floors, and boats, where you want long term power, we offer a version of our material with 50% stronger tack.

Extra Strength sticks to any non-porous flat surface and removes easily with no residue. Extra Strength is ideal for life-size photographic cut-outs for walls and wall murals.

The adhesive is removable, reusable, and repositionable. It does not remove paint from a primed wall, is safe to apply over wallpaper, applies without wrinkles, and does not rip.

Like our standard Cover-Alls, this fabric media is water-resistant and easy to clean. It meets ASTM D2047 and ASTM-E3030 safety standards, is LEED Non-Toxic Certified, and carries a Class A Fire Rating, ensuring top-notch safety and quality.

Select the option for Extra Strength upon purchase.

Lamination adds a subtle sheen to the artwork and protects the color from UV Rays. We generally choose gloss lamination unless the design seems more velvety like our flowers.

But now we're letting you choose! As a general guide, select Gloss for cars and Matte for walls. Or select "None" if you plan to do something more arty with your decals, like painting or drawing on them.

We have a turnaround time of 1-2 days to allow time to print and laminate and dry before shipping. We usually ship USPS or UPS, which generally takes from 2 to 4 days.

We will send tracking information to the e-mail address associated with your order once the item has shipped. If you have not received your tracking information and it has been over 3 business days, please contact us at (504) 891 - 0940

Yes, of course! When ordering a particular decal as a gift for someone, be sure to enter in your email address to receive all summary information but enter in the recipient’s name and shipping information. We will be sure to keep all prices and receipts out of the package.

You can also choose to purchase a gift certificate to allow them to choose their own decals.

If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, within 30 days of placing your order, send it back and we will refund you for your purchase with no questions asked.

The liner is designed to not be very sticky... so if you put them back on the liner and they don't stay down, it's not that your decals are losing adhesive.

Yes, they are printed on an opaque fabric that you can layer without revealing the design underneath. Have fun with your collages!

We use an adhesive backed fabric that is non-toxic, PVC-free, bio-degradable, LEED-certified, lead-free, phthalates-free, with no Glycol-ether or Formaldehyde.

It has been compliance tested for use in School Classrooms and Private Offices.

It meets these standards/protocols:

  • USGBC Leed Version 4
  • The Well Building Standard
  • ANSI/GBI 01, Green Building Assessment Protocol
  • Green Guide for Healthcare V2.2
  • Meets Fire Rating ASTM E84 Class A or 1

FAQ for Cars

Yes, this is a great magnet alternative for aluminum bodies on which magnet don't work. If you retain your liner you can remove and reuse your decal over and over.

Yes, Coveralls have been tested by the manufacturer, used on luxury cars and will not damage your vehicle's unblemished paint job. Rusty, scratched surfaces are another story but then, CoverAlls are a great bandage to those blemishes. In general, our adhesive is much gentler than a normal sticker with different techical qualities that make it reusable.

Yes, the decals are very durable and can be taken through car washes. It’s an excellent idea to take your car to a car wash when you are ready to pack them away, so they get put away cleanly.

Storms, winter cold, slush … well yes… they can take it if you are being careful to apply your decals to a very clean, dry surface. Their ability to be reusable depends on the care you take with the adhesive side of your decal.

That said, if you are in the mountains during mud season, or doing some serious off road stuff — I might take my Coveralls off then! But maybe not!

When you want your design to go across a door frame you can easily use a pair of scissors or (better) a box cutter to cut the fabric at the gap, leaving the design on both sides. It looks best if you cut it once it is on the car. Then when the door is closed the two parts will join nearly seamlessly.

CoverAlls are great on windows, however they are opaque so you should be careful to be able to see and drive safely. Also, I would advise not to use on windows that go up and down, since that might rub the edges and cause them to come up. However, some people do use them there but it's up to you to test.

While intended for more seasonal use, if you choose to use them continuously on a car the decals should last two or more years outdoors. You might experience some fading of the design in the sunlight, not because the product will tear or disintegrate like magnets.

We love them for road trips! You can drive on the highways and they will be fine, but realize that you will get more than normal dust and debris coming under the outer edges of the artwork, which might decrease their re-stickable life expectancy.

Despite the fact that Coveralls are a magnet substitute made of a removable adhesive cloth, people looking at them will think they are vinyl stickers or decals that cannot be removed and reused. 

You don’t see people running off with bumper stickers, do you? Coveralls are much thinner and floppier than car magnets. 

Actually, rather than worrying about whether your CoverAlls will be stolen, think about how CoverAlls can protect your car from being stolen by making it unique and recognizable. 

Thieves are much less likely to steal a car covered in beautiful flowers.

Indeed, that could be a side effect. The endorphins produced may counteract their road rage. Feel free to take off your CoverAlls for a discreet drive.

FAQ for Walls & Windows

Yes, they do a great job of sticking and staying put on walls and ceilings. Many people have commented that they do a better job than many types of peel and stick wallpaper that sometimes just falls off the wall. However, there is one type of paint that is featured as stain and dirt resistant paint. This paint has silicone in it. Almost nothing will stick very well to that type of paint.

It's very important to peel them off a wall slowly and carefully without a lot of pressure. Don't grab a corner from far below and yank.... Once off, store them on your liner to re-use on other walls, windows or cars.

It's recommended that you apply decals to surfaces that have been painted with an eggshell or satin finish rather than matte or flat paints. 

Textured surface walls may be a bit difficult for decals. However, we do have a version of CoverAlls with extra adhesive. It is about 30% stronger to deal with textured walls and floors. Let us know in the notes that you'd like that version and we'll print on it rather than the normal material.

There are new paints out on the market that claim they are stain & dirt resistant — those are the most difficult for wall decals because these paints contain silicone. Almost nothing sticks to silicone. If you have this kind of paint, consider painting over the section where your mural will be.

Paint must be allowed to fully dry and cure for at least 3 weeks before applying decals.

If you're not sure, contact us for a free test decal. No refunds are available for incompatible paints or surfaces.

No, they come up cleanly and if there is any residue due to really hot weather it is easily wiped away with a little soap and water.

Actually, while on walls they are opaque and can be overlapped or layered, on windows you will notice they are not 100% opaque. You will be able to see your design even facing outside.

No, unfortunately that's not possible with this product due to its nature.

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