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Car Stickers, Static Clings, Magnets, Vinyl Decals, or Car Wraps? - Coveralls

Breaking the Mold: Your Guide to Personalizing Your Car with Clings, Magnets, Decals, and More!

Let's be honest, many cars today look like they've come from the same cookie-cutter mold. But thankfully, there's no shortage of creative options for adding pizzazz to your vehicle. Whether it's custom rims, LED lighting, dashboard bobbleheads, car lashes, or even the classic fuzzy dice, the possibilities are endless. Among these vibrant choices, clings, magnets, decals and wraps provide another compelling avenue for personal expression. But what are they and how do they differ from each other?

Static Clings

Static clings are thin sheets of vinyl that adhere much like suction cups. One upside is that they're generally inexpensive and don't damage your car's paint. However, they have limitations; their sticking power is only as good as the surface they're on. They adhere well to smooth surfaces like windows but can struggle on car bodies due to surface imperfections. They're also not the most durable when exposed to wind and weather.

Car Magnets

Car magnets are essentially larger, more robust fridge magnets. They're particularly useful for cars with steel body panels. However, they're not a universal solution; cars with aluminum or composite bodies, like newer Ford F-150s or Corvettes, won't hold these magnets. Also, these magnets aren't the strongest adherents. They can slide or even come off while driving, but they are straightforward to remove and reposition.


Stickers are a strong and durable option, adhering to almost any surface you choose. However, their strength is also a drawback—you have one shot at application, and removing them can be a laborious process that may damage the paint or leave residue.

Vinyl Decals or Wraps

Vinyl decals are like the premium cousins of basic stickers. They dazzle with vibrant colors, and some even have metallic sheens. Plus, they stand up well to the sun's UV rays. You can get them die-cut into single-color shapes or go all out with a printed full-body car wrap. They even offer a layer of protection against minor scratches. Some high-quality versions are even removable. But here's the kicker: they can get pretty pricey, especially if you're considering larger installations like a full wrap. So it's wise to think of them as a more permanent commitment.

CoverAlls: A New Alternative

CoverAlls offer a blend of the best features from all the other options. They're uniquely fabric-based, durable, and they stick well but are also easy to remove without leaving any residue. Suitable for almost any car surface, they hold up well even under adverse weather conditions. What's noteworthy is that they're also reusable, so you can switch them out seasonally, or whenever you get the itch, if you like, rather like temporary tattoos.

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