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Playlist for Festival Season in New Orleans - Cover-Alls Decals

Playlist for Festival Season in New Orleans

In New Orleans, it’s festival season, and with that in mind, Car Floats and our friends at have pulled together a series of playlists to help those who plan to attend French Quarter Fest, Jazz Fest, or Bayou Boogaloo get ready. If you can’t make it, here’s a way to drive around and connect to the broad expanse of music represented at these civic institutions. 
Since the short walk from stage to stage often means walking from genre to genre, we’ve presented the music the way we hear it, with jazz next to hip-hop next to funk next to singer/songwriters next to the blues, and so on. The great Ernie K-Doe once said, “I'm not sure, but I'm almost positive that all music came from New Orleans,” and when you hear the threads of continuity in this playlist and those that follow, you’ll hear what K-Doe meant. 
The first in line is the French Quarter Festival, which takes place April 21-24. The artists in this week’s playlist will perform at some point during the weekend at the free festival with stages located in and around the French Quarter. 
  1. “Shadows” by Maggie Koerner (Friday, April 22, 12:50p, Abita Beer Stage)
  2. “Dance Until the Dawn” by Water Seed (Thursday, April 21, 6:40p, Chevron Stage)
  3. “Waltz (feat. Shaun Martin)” by Naughty Professor (Saturday, April 23, 6:40p, Jack Daniel’s Stage)
  4. “Cinq Minutes! (Boogie)” by Evan Christopher’s Clarinet Road (Saturday, April 23, 12:45p, GE Stage)
  5. “You’re the Dog (But I Do the Barking Myself)” by Irma Thomas (Friday, April 22, 6:40p, Chevron Stage)
  6. “8th Ward Strut by New Orleans Nightcrawlers (Saturday, April 23, 4p, Louisiana Fish Fry Stage)
  7. “One Shoe” by Lilli Lewis (Friday, April 22, 2:10p, Jack Daniel’s Stage)
  8. “Kaleidoscope” (feat. Pell & LeTrainiump)” by SaxKixAve (Sunday, April 24, 3:30p, Jack Daniel’s Stage)
  9. “Tuba Fats” by the Treme Brass Band (Sunday, April 24, 2:15p, Louisiana Fish Fry Stage)
  10. “Corona Groove” by Valerie Sassyfras (Friday, April 22, 11:10a, Jack Daniel’s Stage)
  11. “Minor Drag” by Aurora Nealand & the Royal Roses (Saturday, April 23, 1:30p, French Market Traditional Jazz Stage)
  12. “The Man Who Sold the World” by Debbie Davis and Josh Paxton (Sunday, April 24, 12:45p, Hancock Whitney Stage)
  13. “Golden Comanche” by Big Chief Juan Pardo & Golden Comanches (Sunday, April 24, 5p, Chevron Stage)
  14. “Major Tom” by Ever More Nest (Sunday, April 24, 4p, Jones Walker Songwriter Stage)
  15. “Virgin Murder (live)” by Magnetic Ear (Friday, April 22, 2:15p, Louisiana Fish Fry Stage at the New Orleans Jazz Museum)
  16. “He’s a King” by Lulu and the Broadsides (Friday, April 22, 2p, WWL-TV Esplanade in the Shade Stage)
  17. “Musica (feat. Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah)” by The Soul Rebels (Saturday, April 23, 6:30p, Abita Beer Stage)
  18. “My Everything” by Alex McMurray (Thursday, April 21, 12:30p, Tropical Isle Hand Grenade Stage)
  19. “Eugenia” by the New Orleans Ragtime Orchestra (Friday, April 22, 11:30a, French Market Dutch Alley Stage)

— Alex Rawls



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