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Herbie the Race Car Decals


Deck your VW bug or other car in Herbie's famous number and stripes. Includes three 52" red, white and blue stripes and 3 large 53's. One for the front and two for the sides. The one in the front is slightly larger (17.5" diameter) than for the sides (16.5" diameter). 

There are two versions, one for classic bugs and one for modern cars. Those with the classic VW know that there is a ridge that runs down the front hood. On the art for the classic bug there is a gap between the two numbers to accommodate overlaying that metal ridge.


(News Alert: CoverAlls are not vinyl.)

With the texture, adhesive, the ease and reusability they give you much more than vinyl.

They are a better foundation to have fun decorating without hanging, measuring or wrapping.

Feel the difference

CoverAlls are made of a woven adhesive cloth with a texture not unlike canvas. The texture has a luxurious matte finish.

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Easy on & off, and on again

Easy on & off, restickable, removable, and reusable*. See FAQ for walls.

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No mess

CoverAlls are backed by a gentle yet durable adhesive that won't leave messy residues on your wall or car when you remove them.

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CoverAlls are also coated for use outdoors to protect the color from the fading of ultraviolet light.

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Rich, vibrant color

No more boring vinyl silhouettes. We offer full color artwork and crisp resolution.

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Cutouts without borders

Our artwork is cutout right to the edge of the art with no pesky white borders in sight.

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Collections that come apart and go together

We love to make collections that are full of separate elements so you can position, layer, collage, and cut to make your own artwork. At the same time our collections are made to go together in style and palette.

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Kind to the environment and your family

We use an adhesive backed fabric that is non-toxic, PVC-free, bio-degradable, LEED-certified, lead-free, phthalates-free, with no Glycol-ether or Formaldehyde.

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A white CoverAlls Herbie the Race Car with Halloween themed decals parked in front of a building.

Herbie the Race Car Decals


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